18 August 2010 / Broxy Coaching

Buckets and Choccas at Wanganui

When you a club like the Wanganui MCC to help get the word out, you had better be prepared for results! Broxy headed to Wanganui’s Manuka Park a day early after realizing two days wouldn’t be enough with groups already chocca and more registrations coming every day.

Emily’s mud riding has come a long way since her first lesson and while her enthusiasm wasn’t dampened by the heavy rain it was enough to stop Zac halfway through his session. Not from any lack in riding ability however, that kid charges through the mud like a bull!

Puddles no problem!

All Go

There were a few tense moments that night wondering if the coaching could continue but in true form the next day dawned fine and stayed that way for our sessions- a very good thing considering our first two were mini riders! Tom and another Zac started out on the grass and progressed to the track after easing their way into the skills. No excuses were allowed, they were there to improve and really enjoy themselves by riding well. Easing into the coaching was also the case for young Jaxon Watt although he was no chicken, check out his drifting on the Wanganui video aboard the little PW! Tylah and Vanessa were also similar, two girls with a generation gap that didn’t stop them charging hard, competing both in words and action. Broxy got a buzz from seeing their confidence soar on the slippery track.

Aden Brown had two days with BRC, the first was about trying some new and improved cornering techniques by himself before we added another student the second day as they worked on the rest of the picture. Aden and his dad went above and beyond by jacking Broxy up a gym session at Club Fitness that night and helping out a lot. Thanks guys and hopefully the skills show at the next race meeting!

The big boys

The Friday consisted of a group each of 125’s then 250’s followed by some one on one for Dylan who definitely got the hard man award after having a big stack through the roller section only to get back on (after a short break) and spend the rest of the session overcoming that fear to eventually let the bike pivot freely under him for full control with much less effort. The other two groups also found it strange but very effective to ride through them without backing off the throttle as the rear wheel leaves the ground so they were bouncing less while going faster with even more control.


The  ladies met at Barrett road for their weekend jaunt, a big thanks to Craig at Energy Honda for getting the word out. Elaine and Trish had very different bikes and backgrounds but found a big difference in their cornering abilities around the slippery track once sitting forward and leaning back, also finding it helpful learning to turn around if getting stuck halfway up a hill. Unfortunately we only got half a session with Olivia before the rain finally put an end to things but not before we had found two major things for her to work on, using her index finger on the front brake so her braking improved out of sight and finally getting her inside foot back on the peg when powering to straighten her up and avoid sliding, something she didn’t want to do but Broxy’s perseverance finally paid off big time.

Being able to use the two tracks despite the moisture was much appreciated so thanks to the Patene’s and the Taranaki MCC for their accomodataions and to the Wangaui MCC and Energy Honda for helping get the word out!

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