12291803_10153089843140426_260700338754993243_oYour brand in front of your potential customers

Last years claim; “When it comes to sending product out the door in New Zealand there is no substitute for quality equipment that works, followed by verbal endorsement from someone you trust….. So if those people are giving product endorsements directly to us, backed up by thorough advertising, then you have a powerful force for sales.”

See how we used that mantra for your benefit this year. Here is an example of what we have been up to this year with a video thanks to Blue Wing Honda.

12307600_10153752294674464_7378665387014873061_oGrowth in Groups

2015 saw unmatched interest in our club coaching sessions around the country. With Whangarei, Gisborne and Southland as examples, ten clubs in total invited us to take on large coaching days for their members.

12-40 riders at each event is more people than what we usually deal with on any given day, but means great exposure for your product.

Broxy Academy PosterCamp Explosion!

Never before have we had so many riders come through our camp programme, which is more good news for you.

They get the example and mentorship from a top rider like Broxy and his helpers for two or more consecutive days, and we get the chance to help them with gear selection and bike maintenance using your product, along with trial rides on our bikes. This is often enough to get a rider hooked for life.

Around 200 riders went through one or more of the 16 camps that we personally ran this year, which could have been anything from a two day Holiday camp to one of our full fledged four day Academies.


We are as committed as ever to our regular coaching sessions around the country, which are anything but run-of-the-mill.

Averaging around three riders per group, we spend two and a half hours of true “Quality Time” helping these riders right where they are. Tailored for their skill level and held at a track local to them, we are able to help them make big progressions in their riding skill.

This translates to associating your product with a positive experience as they see and hear about your products in use, and we completed around 180 sessions like this.

Motul vanNew Sponsor

This year we joined forces with Motul Oils, bringing us in line with their partnership with Blue Wing Honda. You will likely be seeing results of this agreement in National Dirtbike magazines and your local Honda Shops.

None of this would have been possible without the extensive support of our special sponsors such as yourselves. Our heart felt appreciation goes to you from us here at BRC.

How did people hear about your brand through us?

As always we were unashamed to promote your product to our customers through honest verbal endorsements and free trials or giveaways where possible, backing up the visual media and use of your product that gives so much value.

11889979_10152980655207484_6518951677862834280_oWhy you can trust BRC

  • Peter has maintained a highly visible profile as one of NZ’s premier offroad riders in a range of disciplines such as Enduro, Cross Country, Freestyle and of course Super/Motocross
  • Up to four times a year he covers the country from Kerikeri to Invercargill and dozens of places in between as he shares what he has learnt, delivering personal training sessions as a full time job since 2003 to hundreds of riders each year
  • BRC also run and participate in numerous camps and other events each year, spending time as a role model for even more riders around the country
  • This is supported by an up-to-date website and monthly newsletter run by Peter and their secretary Lisa
  • Topping it off is Peter’s position as main bike tester and riding expert for Dirt Rider Downunder and a presenter for Bike Rider TV. These videos have had hundreds of thousands of YouTube views

Overall it is a complete package that has proved most effective in generating sales for the products that he endorses.

4 HourWhat step to take next

We greatly appreciate your continued support and would love for you to contact Peter on 021 590 593 if you would like to arrange a meeting to talk through ideas for how to make our relationship even more productive.

We look forward to helping you achieve the sales you would love to achieve in our wonderful world of dirt bikes. May you have a special Christmas as we remember the reason for the season.