Your brand in front of your future customers

When it comes to sending product out the door in New Zealand there is no substitute for quality equipment that works, followed by verbal endorsement from someone you trust. Most Kiwi’s show support for people that are genuinely interested in supporting them in return.

Then, as human beings, we want to emulate those who are at the top of the game we enjoy most. So if those people are giving product endorsements directly to us, backed up by thorough advertising, then you have a powerful force for sales.

poster 1How do people hear about your brand?

The normal path for a brand in the offroad motorcycling world is primarily based around

  • A solid marketing campaign
  • The sponsorship of top riders.

While saturating potential customers with images of these top riders winning on your brand can be satisfying, it is a fickle game to play. Both of these activities are generally very expensive and do not necessarily translate to sales. Riders who win on Sunday are often inaccessible the rest of the year meaning that the product is not seen as the help that it should be. Wouldn’t it be better to combine the two?Coaching2

How we can help

For a moment please put yourself in the shoes of an aspiring dirt bike rider at a training day run by a top racer like Peter Broxholme, better known as “Broxy”.

He is someone who genuinely cares about you and only uses gear that he believes in, now showing you how a certain piece of kit will help make you a safer, more complete rider.

You might even get to try his own personal gear on for size where you discover that you like it. Combine that with a saturation of said product in a varied advertising package which he provides his sponsors and you discover how we help those products become successful in the off road world.

Camps4Sponsorship packages

We need help to keep running, and for the price of some magazine advertisements and giveaways you can get far more sales while doing your part for the riders of NZ by sponsoring Broxy Rider Coaching.

Supplying product for Broxy and one Team rider to use in racing and coaching endeavors puts your brand in the public eye. For MOTOMUCK to get maximum exposure with our clients we would like to give a small bottle of product with a flier to each client we work with.

We also need help with funding our team mechanic. While the bill might not seem much at under $1,000, we would like you to consider helping us by covering this expense in exchange for having your logo on our website, newsletter, posters and DRD advertisements.


No Probs

Why you can trust BRC

  • Peter has maintained a highly visible profile as one of NZ’s premier offroad riders in a range of disciplines such as Enduro, Cross Country, Freestyle and of course Super/Motocross
  • Up to four times a year he covers the country from Kerikeri to Invercargill and dozens of places in between as he shares what he has learnt, delivering personal training sessions as a full time job since 2003 to over 800 riders per year.
  • BRC also run and participate in numerous camps and other events each year, spending time as a role model for even more riders around the country
  • This is supported by an up-to-date website and monthly newsletter run by Peter’s lovely wife Sarah, who’s previous employers include the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Education
  • Topping it off is Peter’s position as main bike tester and riding expert for Dirt Rider Downunder and a presenter for Bike Rider TV. These videos have had hundreds of thousands of YouTube views, not to mention the Redbull videos that included Broxy and was seen on TV1 and The Crowd Goes Wild.

Overall it is a complete package that has proved most effective in generating sales for the products that he endorses.

What step to take next

We would love for you to contact us on 07 543 5496 in order to arrange a meeting where we can sort through any details. Alternatively you can reply to this email or call Peter’s cell which is 021 590 593. We look forward to helping you achieve the sales you would love to achieve in our wonderful world of dirt bikes. DRD1DRD2DRD5DRD6DRD11