3 April 2013 / Broxy Coaching

A Bunch of Firsts at Lake Rotoiti

First Timer

First Timer

A picturesque surrounding with a peaceful lake and gentle rolling hills, kitted out with some loud bikes and dirt loving riders. This was our setting for Honda’s 5th Kids Campout for 2013 at Lake Rotoiti.

Nestled not far from Rotorua, this terrain was ideal for any off-road loving rider- but not a car enthusiast as the ground resembled Hobbiton with mound after mound.

Fun For The Family

With full family in tow, we made the most of it and bought Chloe her first helmet. Considering that the plan had been to keep the girls off bikes until they were teenagers, that all went out the window with Chloe having her first ever attempt on a 2-wheel motorbike – with success and loving it thanks to some coaching from Dad.



There was a great turn out for the coaching with only one group having to brave the brief rain that came over. It was just too bad that group happened to be the littlies!

Big Battles

Being able to stay at the camp for two nights meant the girls could pack in a lot of the fun activities, which also spelt weary kids and a solid nights sleep. Broxy also got to play, competing in a hill climb with Chris Power, Mitchell Rees and Mark Whyte who all found the going tough as they battled their way straight up a soft loamy hill. Who was first to the top? Broxy – but only after half a dozen attempts! Top it all off with a quiz-night win and an Easter egg, it was a great family atmosphere.

A huge thank you to Tony Rees Motorcycles for their shop set up allowing us to make our first purchase for the girls! Also to Judith Graham and her husband for allowing Chloe to steal their grandson’s 70cc bike for half the day. It is going to be a long wait before she can ride again- yeah right!

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