1 March 2019 / Rider Profile

A Dedication to Nick Adams

Messages of condolences and very gracious gifts have rushed to the family of Nick Adams since his recent passing. The support has really blown them away. How do I know this? Because we have had a lot to do with Nick and his family over the past couple of years and many people chose to send those messages through us.

Given the Reins

I first coached Nick and his twin brother Nate at a Honda Kids Camp at Lake Rotoiti when they were around 8 years old. Apparently they had already gotten in trouble at the previous Honda Kids Camp they had done at Waiotira for riding too fast on the kids track, so Greg Power must have decided that they had learned their lesson.

We next met up at Mercer with their friends Blake and Coleman, which led on to the whole bunch of them joining us at Awhitu, with Nick’s dad becoming our chief mechanic on our camps. From then on the boys would never miss a camp, leading the way as some of the senior riders. I also had to pull them up for stretching the boundaries at one point, but again they learned their lesson and became something of a role model for the younger ones.

Born To Ride

Nick always seemed the older soul, and more than just the fact that he was the twin born first. He was never in a rush, so there was no point in trying to get him to hurry up. But because he knew exactly how things ran there was never any doubt that he would get to where he needed to go, especially because it usually involved riding.

He just loved riding, and he wasn’t afraid to go big. While he never really took on my recommended standing style, he still looked pretty good, being one of the few to really “Send it” over the biggest jump we have had at one of our Awhitu camps. We don’t know exactly what caused the final crash that eventually took his life, but we know that he was doing what he loved most.

Making A Difference

My prayers for his safety were answered with a no, but I take comfort in the thought that there is a big picture that we don’t understand. His passing has already brought many of us closer, and while my prayers continue to go out for his family, they are also for a greater bond and communication to form between those whom his death has affected.

Long may his legacy live on.

8 comments so far

  1. Bruce Nielsen,

    Nice one Broxy. Well said. A very sad loss to the MX community. Nick was obviously a very special person.

  2. mark Orr,

    Condolences to the Adams family, we didn.t know your son, but feel your loss, he sounded like a very talented young man gone too soon. R.I.P Nick
    The Orr family

  3. Steve Fletcher,

    Well said Broxy, he died doing what he loved, god speed Nick, RIP, condolences to family

  4. Colin Rowse,

    Thinking of the Family Today, Rnd 2 of the Northland Champs will be holding a minutes silence for Nick tomorrow at riders Briefing.

  5. Kelly Tangaroa,

    Great words in memory of a great boy. Your service was awesome on Sunday.

  6. Adrian street,

    Condolences to the Adams family very sad to hear the passing of your son/brother. Very well written Broxy. I couldn’t image losing one of my two that’s been regular Honda camp and Broxy program goers over the past 10 years.

  7. mills family,

    Great tribute Broxy the moment of silence at rnd Two northlands was touching also thoughts with the family and close friends Warren Reilly and Flynn Mills

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