3 May 2012 / Broxy Racing

A Junior Nats for the Ages

There was a hint of fear mixed with the excitement of having the 2012 Junior Motocross Nationals at the Backflips motocross park but you wouldn’t have known it when talking to the riders and parents after their first track walk. Positive comments abounded as the improvements they were seeing helped calm the nerves. You couldn’t have asked for a better way to start the long weekend.

“The Valleys shall be made high…”

Although known for its big jumps, what caught some riders out was over estimating the speed required. The low spots were raised up, fast straights had more roller sections to help slow things down and (what was named) the wall jump did its job perfectly. The McKnight family combined this with soil preperation that did not mud or rut up much, making something of a highway for riders to enjoy- after all, they are who really matters.

Classes were well stacked with young talent but not too full that many would fail to qualify for the excellent racing that I was able to enjoy over the next 24 hours. Unfortunately I could not stay long but the three rounds of racing I did see were pure enjoyment.

Winners and Winners

Standouts for me, apart from watching the domination of Micah McGoldrick and Hunter Laurence, were Josh Bartosh and Kruz Carter. There were many others that excelled also but seeing Josh and Kruz give it their all despite massive opposition was enough to make a coach proud.

From what I hear, the prize giving was full of people calling the Backflips track their new favourite, the best feedback that any club could hope for and a real testament to the work that went into making this event one to remember.

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