4 February 2020 / Broxy Coaching

A Real Break Through

My first ever session with Ben had been challenging to say the least. I was unsure as to just how much value he had gotten out of it, which is an unusual place for me to be. Still, he booked for the next time I was down and was joined by his brother. His parents had either seen results or were being very nice to try again!

Well I can tell you that this time he was a completely different rider. This time he was as confident as they come. It turns out that all our work to help him powershift through the gears had sunken in, because that had become his only way of riding. To see a transformation like that almost brings a tear to the eye.

High Point

That attitude had funnelled down to his brother Oliver, who was obviously there to learn as we smashed through so many skills that I finished our session with a real highlight. You could call them whips, something that the younger ones love and the parents are often dubious about- but I justified thanks to the strong side wind coming across many of the jumps.

Oliver was looking safer and more stylish by leaning towards the wind as he left the ground. Even though he was only jumping a few meters he still had time to straighten up again without the slightest wobble. I can’t wait to watch the progress of these young riders as they grow and progress.

From there it wasn’t hard for them to convince me to organize a camp at a new venue, a pair of tracks on the coast that are actually built on an irrigated piece of land. Details are soon to come, and I can’t wait.

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