1 September 2014 / Broxy Coaching

Access to the Big Name Tracks in Auckland

Chasing Hard

Chasing Hard

After a long and expensive battle, South Auckland’s premier MX practice ground was finally open for us to have the Ardmore track all to ourselves once again. With the Secondary Schools racing there one month later, we thought it would be the perfect chance for some teens to get an edge on their competition thanks to some one on one coaching at the track itself.

Overcoming Fear

By postponing our session out by two days we had definitely made the right decision, as even still the conditions were on the wet side for Brayden’s little wheels. But soon we had him and Rhys on the corner I like the most. Helping Brayden to lean back while turning was his key, while Rhys was all about needing to trust himself. Which he eventually did, to the point where he did his first proper ride with other kids at Mercer the following day and had a ball. Did someone say “Breakthrough”?



On to the teens, and some serious laptimer work. Second only to having your competition right on your tail during a race, is giving all of your effort to get a faster split than your mate. Tane, aboard my old race bike, was determined to beat his mate James. He would achieve this, only to have James better both their times again, and the cycle was repeated until they were both going pretty darn quick.

On the other hand one rider was having battles of his own, and he will go well once he gets used to over exaggerating the positions that feel weird to him, both in leaning back while turning hard, along with getting his knees back far enough to grip the seat when standing.

Dream Track

Moving on to our next club Pukekohe Club training a week later and the same rider was present at this session also. While there were improvements, the key points mentioned above still seemed to be in his “too weird” pile as he struggled to achieve them. You and I know who you are, and I can’t wait to share your name with the world once you have decided to overcome this challenge. The reward will be even greater because of the struggle required to achieve it.



Eleven riders in total congregated on the Harrisville track for this event. Originally intended to be limited to eight bikes only, it was quite flattering to be told “No, I want to stay with you,” when I asked a few of the older kids whether they would mind moving into the other group. So they all stayed.

Who Needs Two Hands Anyway

There were a few stand-out riders, for many different reasons. Ryan Borrell was one, and not for his massive jumps on the mini track, instead I was just stoked to see him actually overcome a deep set habit by using his peace sign on fingers on his front brake. Ryan Stevens aboard his KX65 was another standout, overcoming his fears to ride many laps of the senior track which included a sharp dropoff we had made. And while Cody did not seem to really put it the effort to master his front brake use, I am looking forward to seeing him aboard the 110 that he will be riding next, prosthetic arm and all.

Keep your eye out for more opportunities at the three classy venues we are finally getting access to. With week day sessions finally possible at Ardmore, Saturdays at Mercer and Sundays at Harrisville- we are now spoilt for choice!

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