2 April 2015 / Broxy Coaching

Achievement of the Month

Getting Forward

The Ground Work



This is a heart felt message that one of my students sent last week that makes for the best feedback we could ask for, and may show someone what they too can be capable of;

“When I started riding 3 years ago and at the age of 45 my goal was to get to a point where I could comfortably tackle all the obstacles on my home track, and if possible throw in a whip on the big table top.

I am stoked to say that I’ve just ticked off the last box and jumped the big one 42 times in a row. The last 10 I managing to get some swing in the back end. Your training technique is gold Broxy. I’m a very happy old man. Next on the bucket list……..Bull fighting !!!!”

Putting It to Work

Putting It to Work

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