6 September 2017 / Broxy Coaching

Adding Value- Seesaw App

We are trying a new initiative, one that will hopefully be even better than the coaching notes we used to give out. Now you get to see videos of you doing the main skills we worked on in your last session, and more.

I’m sure there are a few apps around that can do this, but we have chosen to try out a popular app called Seesaw. Basically it enables us to make a private class of riders, which I post videos to. I add a short comment to each video (or photo), showing what to watch for. It is not a lot, but will hopefully be very helpful.

What I am most excited about is how the rider or their parents can then add videos or photos to the class, showing their progress since the session. That way we can keep in touch, I can add some suggestions and we are more prepared for any future sessions. The app is easy to use and will hopefully be a good thing.

In a few years you can look back over progress and see how far you have come. Hopefully it adds value and help to everyone’s coaching sessions and riding in general.

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