16 September 2010 / Broxy Coaching

Adrenaline in Auckland

[SinglePic not found]The trees of Woodhill are full of surprises. The sand makes for both a challenge and a soft landing, the trees are also a challenge but with able to inflict more damage and flick your wheels out from under you with a stray root quicker than a good ankle tap on the rugby field but what really gets your adrenaline pumping is the explosion of a deer bursting right in front of you with antlers to match!

Can’t wait 2 get out and practice again!!!

Lisa’s goal is to be quick enough to beat her mate Sandi, daughter of Robyn Edwards from the Honda Riders Club NZ. Her feedback was “Once I’d practiced a bit it didnt feel so alien weird and flowed.  Riding became easier cause I wasnt fighting the bike so much. Cant wait 2 get out and practice again!!!”


Father and son, experienced racer and a road biker newly turned offroad made a slightly varied foursome that arvo full of challenge. Right from the get go we were looking at riding in a different perspective with these four, the main aim to get more upper body movement by bending at the waist more when standing. It was tough trying to figure out why one riders feet kept coming off the footpegs on the larger sand whoops where a balance between bending the legs and arms had to be reached.

Driving south the next morning past swollen rivers and flooded paddocks the Broxy clan arrived at Mark Bons farm near Mercer for two large half day sessions with the locals. This time there were a few mini’s mixed in with the 85’s and a couple of adults to challenge Broxy. Seperating the two levels into a large and small loop worked a treat and everyone could work on their skills at close to their own pace- be that anything from survival to racer!

Prepare for takeoff

The afternoon session had all the pressure back on the riders! Imagine a bunch of adults doing “Ground training” over one really difficult section of banks and dips getting the feel for getting low on the cusp and then extending up for the holes- something they won’t forget in a hurry, Sarah just wished she had got it on video.

Botany Honda was involved again, this time giving out vouchers for gear in store to those wanting to visit and we hope to get this kind of thing happening more often and of course this is all thanks to Honda NZ for helping all this happen. Also thanks to Tony from the Sandpit for use of their great track!

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