3 March 2011 / Broxy Coaching

Adults at Play at TGA

A full group of Botany Honda bikes and friends hit the Tauranga track last month for round two with James Seymour. Last time we were here the coaching went great apart from one incident, unfortunately this time it was the groups organizer who copped it and had to head home early with a re opened scar from racing the boys early in the day.

However there was still a lot to get through which was eventually accomplished a few hours later with many drops of sweat along the way! The river would have been a very good idea to hop in to but the boys were off home well before Broxy had finished his extra hour with Danny and his son Nathan.

Motorcycling Paradise

Motorcycling Paradise

Agent Orange

Richard finally gave in to getting a bike after five years of hassling from his mates. He got straight onto a 350 and into coaching with Broxy before long. He invited the culprits that got him into it to join him for a day with Broxy and Dozer, a quick rider from up north stood up to the call.

Breaking the old school

The problem was that on the mx track Richard had improved so much that Dozer had to let him pass, more than once! So we got stuck in to overcoming bad habits partly caused by the old elbows up syndrome and the other classic problem- sitting on the outside of your seat for corners.

While it took some getting his head around he found the change a definite improvement along the lines of wishing he had known it a long time ago- exciting stuff to see for a coach and we are looking forward to seeing how they go at the Castrol 6 hour- hopefully!

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