10 May 2017 / specials

Adventure Bike Haven

The West Coast can be a wild place, and today was no exception, only this time it was motorcycles making all the wind on an otherwise idyllic day. Tag along with my neighbour as we introduce him to the stunning location we plan to use for our first Adventure Bike Training day.

Even before we had started any motorcycle riding, Victor was in awe of the place. Having driven up from Tauranga that morning, he said that the drive alone had made the trip worthwhile. The half hour drive from Waiuku up the Awhitu Peninsula serves up some brilliant twisty sections, opening up into some spectacular views before finishing with a minute or two of gravel. Surely a good warm up for any road going vehicle, and Victor would be perfect for guiding them along those roads with his 12 years of experience as both a Superbike instructor and Adventure bike rider.

Our farm is at the end of its own road, where I began by taking Victor and his son towards the ocean to what has to be one of my favourite paddocks to play on. This is where my part would begin.

Standing skills, safe braking off road and recovering from a failed hill climb to name just a few skills, the terrain is perfect. Even more important, the grass is surprisingly grippy, comprising of tough Couch grass on top of a sandy base.

From there we have the Bunkhouse to offer a BBQ lunch, followed by a load of options in the afternoon. The day that Victor joined us we had thirty kids blasting around the paddocks and ultra safe motocross track that he thought was heaven, even on his road worthy machine.

While we were stopped on a part of the motocross track with views that spanned from Auckland city, through the Airport across the harbour and much more beyond, he believed that many riders would come just for that view alone. He might have been slightly biased considering how perfect the day was, but there is no doubt that he was blown away.


For the extra adventurous there was also a longer trail ride available, one that he thought would be the perfect way for many people to test their new skills. Challenging, but still 100% rideable for Adventure bikes, he just couldn’t wait to show more people. And being only a five minute loop, able to be done as many times as they liked.

We both understand how important it is for these nice bikes and their riders to finish without a scratch, but having learned some important skills. The experience itself and photo opportunities also matter, which this venue on a nice day will be hard to surpass.

Our first dive into this arena will be the 21st of June this year, where we are wanting to encourage a good sized group by offering the days coaching at a price of $390. If this sounds like you, or someone you know, then go ahead and make an enquiry on our website or email us on info@broxy.co.nz, before it is too late as numbers will be limited.

3 comments so far

  1. John van der Spuy,

    Keen on the adventure training.

  2. Shane Hildred,

    Hi there, can you explain what level this is aimed at and the number of riders you intend to have on group,
    Kind regards Shane.

  3. Peter Broxholme,

    Hi Shane, the June lesson at Awhitu is primarily for big bikes at around a medium experience level, although novice and advanced skill levels will be catered for, both in skills and terrain options.
    We are looking at hosting something around ten riders.

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