8 June 2017 / Broxy Coaching

Adventure Bike Training- More Details

We have put out an advert, shown a video and written an article on our upcoming Adventure bike training day in last months magazine, but it is time to give the real info. What kind of bikes/ rider skills are we aiming at? What will riders get out of it other than a good experience? How will the day play out? In this article I will do my best to clear the air while keeping our feet firmly planted on the ground.

Around 10am on June 21st there will be an unknown number of riders aboard a range of bikes arriving at a coffee shop in Waiuku. Big bikes or small, fairly beginner riding levels to advanced, the intention for some good old-fashioned hanging out and potentially a caffeinated beverage while getting half an hour or so of bike set up and road riding tips from Victor Haupt.

Victor has over twenty years of Superbike experience, twelve years of which as an instructor, combined with 12 years experience on Adventure bikes. I am sure that I will be learning more than anyone during this part of the day.

This will be followed by some good old-fashioned hang out time and potentially a caffeinated beverage before we begin towards our venue. I will be tail end Charlie in my van while Victor Haupt leads the way on his 950.

He will stop at the one main intersection and then again where the road changes to gravel, for some basic instruction some things to consider through the different conditions. There is only a kilometer or so of gravel, but certainly enough to get our feet wet.

From there we will get on to the farm itself, using a gently rolling paddock with optional hills to the side to practice things like throttle control, standing and braking skills. The world is our oyster as the couch grass on top of a sandy base usually makes for great traction, which would mean rideable terrain for even the biggest adventure bikes. Adventure tyres are highly recommended.

A BBQ lunch at the Bunkhouse will be provided with time to make sure we are all properly hydrated and rested for the afternoons antics.

From there the world is our oyster- well at least the farm is ours for the using. Having Victor and myself means that we can choose to spread out or stick together, using anything from parts of a paddock to a small trail loop or having a skid on the motocross track.

We aim to address bike recovery on failed hill climbs and tight turns at the very least, with room to extend as far as riders want to go. We understand the need for these bikes to stay upright so all skills will be done with care and taking the environment/ weather into consideration, especially as you will need to ride the bikes home again afterwards.

After afternoon tea you could choose to keep playing or head on home. We will be sticking around so either way is fine.

I will have a film crew recording our antics for use in advertising and riding tips, but of course we understand if you would not like to be featured, so just let us know. Because of this, and the fact that it is our first official foray into this area we hesitate to charge anything, but at this stage we have $390 down as the price. Hopefully the mid week date is also appealing to enough people.

We would value constructive feedback so if you have any suggestions please let us know. The goal is to share our experience in a way that will benefit many people, realizing that we will also be learning along the way.

You can find more information and a place to submit feedback at https://www.broxy.co.nz/event/adventure-training-awhitu

We look forward to hearing from you.

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