1 January 2013 / Broxy Coaching

After School Coaching Trialled and Tested

Our first after school training in the Waikato

The vision- regular guided practice in a group environment. Sound like the same way other sports do it? You would be right. Our answer is pretty simple really, exactly how other sports do it with a local coach in every main area around the country. It hasn’t happened yet, but this month we got one step closer.

We were shown one of the curve balls of this program on the very first try, at the session we had scheduled for Te Awamutu- heavy rain. While cancelling was a hassle for all, the fact we were planning so many of these sessions means missing the odd one is still ok.

And We’re Off!

The following week was fine, and 15 keen riders showed up at the Matamata club track keen to kick things off. Those who had arrived later had to wait until after we had gone through the main skill of the day before getting out on the track- or more specifically, the rollers section. In a short time we had many of them handling the bumps much better, right up to James Pou aboard his YZ125.
They were then split into two groups alternating between a water break and getting their best times recorded around a short section, while still keeping the right standing style. Finally those times were compared to when they stayed lower in the berms with every reasonably viable inside line. This proved to be an eye opener with almost all of the first group finding their times cut by over a second on a very short loop. Day one, complete.

In the Deep End

Next was Dylan Ryan’s place, which turned out to be opposite extreme of our Te Awamutu session- dusty. This was managed by throwing my new trainers in the deep end, Jacob Kneebone on one half of the track with Ben Dawson on the other, throwing out thumbs ups and downs to show the riders if they were getting the standing skills right and pulling them in for pointers where needed.
Again the lap timers were pulled out and the riders did their best, before being told to try entering each corner more carefully, then trying a new skill to help them powering out of the turns. After all of this we compared their times to what they had been doing before, and switched groups.

“So How’d It Go?”

When finishing time came there were 15 very tired but deservedly happy riders with dust moustaches. We spent 10 minutes filling in the notebooks that we will be using to keep each rider accountable, and wrapped it up for the year.

Time will tell how successful it was, however the feedback ran along the lines of “This is just what he/she needs.” Bring on 2013!

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