1 July 2013 / Broxy Coaching

After Schools Kick Off in North Auckland



From its own Broxy training sessions to a completely new After Schools group and trainer, North Auckland has been getting more than its fair share of attention. That is, if the weather cooperates.

There have been plenty of rides in the wet at Fells Farm in the past, our latest training session there being no exception where Jacob was in line for a good lesson to help him get accustomed to his new CRF100. But before that we spent a few minutes with his younger brother, getting a short session to help bring his confidence back. When it came time to work with Jacob we smashed through some skills quickly, while others like took more effort. At the halfway mark he was joined by … where the slippery conditions eventually took their toll on one tuckered out rider.

Star Trainer

The really big news came with the start of our Auckland After Schools program run by Cyclespot Honda rider James Ainsworth. James is a National contender aboard his CRF450R where he finished … in last years nationals, and is able to run these sessions in between University studies. As it turns out, he makes a great coach too.
Again at Fells Farm, James took his group of six riders and schooled them hard. From the feedback we have had, if a rider wasn’t performing the skill right, James would get them to repeat it until he was satisfied that the lesson was learned. Which is exactly what we all want in a trainer.
Unfortunately different circumstances meant that we only got the one session in this month but the riders and coach are keen to keep trying so watch this space.

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