31 August 2011 / Broxy Coaching

Agent Orange

We first met Brady and Leevi at Huntly as 6 & 7 year olds back in 2009, both on Honda 50 machines. They met us the second time for 2010 at Patetonga for a follow up having progressed to bigger Hondas and it was the same place we got to work with them this year. As it was, when we first met them, Brady was less experienced than his older bro but a competent rider and once again they made a great pair.

Colour change




We were able to work on new skills and bad habits, the track holding nothing more than a couple of ruts and slippery sections. There is no doubt that they love riding bikes and that the coaching has helped steer them in the right direction.

Super Skills

Back for round two was Gareth Eady aboard his CR250, joined by Stanly Burge and Dylan Ramsay – the three of them making a good group. Gareth has been amping about his new found skills while Stanly is really starting to show his bike who is boss. Clutch and front brake work for smooth rut riding being number one on the list this time around, followed closely by very valuable jumping work on the doubles section.

Big Talent

If you had anything to do with national level Junior MX racing a few years back, it is likely you would know the name of Joseph Andrell. He did a lot of winning with a style that was spectacular to watch. He kind of fell off my radar on hitting the senior ranks and I had wondered about him many times so when we were approached by his parents about coaching him along with his brother there was no question- I was keen.

The two brothers joined Garth Amrein on a track that was at its best- another rider I had been very keen to work with. They were all fast but had such different needs that it was not the session I had been hoping for. Garth needed a little added aggression while Jo needed smoothness. Ethan Andrell required a big change in style from rear wheel sliding to leaning into corners- not an easy thing to get 100% right for each rider. I was just glad it was a 1 on 3 session and no more- the beauty of these small groups.

After a visit to Patetonga is the compulsory detoxification of bike and gear from the orange plague. It is a good thing I have an understanding wife that is happy soaking clothes!



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