31 May 2013 / Broxy Coaching

Almost All Good at the Goodalls

South east Auckland was the scene for some pretty impressive improvements. But little did we know the storm that was brewing!

To see Jayden comfortable on a 125 was great to see. The only question I had was where the time had flown between this and the last time I had coached him at his home when he looked comfortable aboard a KX65. And by the end of our session he wasn’t alone on both the bike size and confidence levels.
Calm before the Storm

Calm before the Storm

Breaking Barriers

Along with friends Daniel and Flynn, I had him getting used to jumping with the front high while keeping his body bent close to the bike. The technique took a while for some, and confidence took the time for others but it was worth it, especially for Flynn who was able to clear a 90 foot double for the first time and Jayden who tripled into his whoop section, something he hadn’t even thought about doing in the past. Definitely a very satisfying session.
Things started getting slippery with the beginnings of our storm, just in time for young Baxter Davis to learn how to deal with it. Having finished his session, Jayden made himself very useful, showing Baxter the way around as we helped him stand through the slippery stuff, and eventually square a berm up nicely with a finger on the front brake for control. But it was the last session that really got hit by the rain.

Hurricane Chasing

Poor Bradley and Chase. You would think. Actually it proved to be nothing like that, the boys almost relishing the chance to tear up some grass as we worked on everything from clutch to gears, from turning to skids. Our session was not an easy one, made worse by the howling wind and lightning storm that besieged us at the very end which made pack up and our exit interesting to say the least, but by the time we were done they were two very happy campers, only looking forward to their next chance to practice their new skills.
We will certainly be back to Glenbrook and the Goodall’s track, hopefully without quite so much excitement next time and more of a chance to ride the excellent track in their back yard. 

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