29 June 2012 / Broxy Coaching


Bootcamp Kickoff

Our first mention of our boot camps was a quiet affair. A three day option appeared on the broxy.co.nz price list with no more than a mention in the newsletter of its arrival. Well, you noticed, and the first official Broxy Boot Camp is done and dusted- with one each month until November already booked out!

Our two “Guinea Pigs” were Logan and Tyler Maddren; cousins from Auckland, trail riders just getting into the motocross scene. Hence our first port of call, Y Wari Park of Matata. Chosen for its sandy soil that is at its best after heavy rain; plenty of which having fortunately done its last dash the night before. That is possibly the best thing about living in the Bay- a choice of excellent riding options no matter the weather.

No Picnic In The Park

Of course they weren’t here to just holiday, there was learning to do and we got straight in to it with centralised sitting for Logan, and standing for Tyler. These two things were to be the main theme for each of the three days, a perfect way to help them overcome what soon became obvious as their most important, and stubborn, style change. Having their Go Pro footage proved a bonus with an edited version on You Tube soon.
What looked to be heavily water rutted soil soon became excellent conditions, with a grassy knob to practice their jumping; soon literally floating over the top.
Back in Tauranga, the evening brought a home cooked meal, before a trip to the shops for Goody-Gum-Drops and a pair of old school PS2 games, topped off with a good sleep; one they would certainly need.
Day two arrived, and it was mountain biking followed by some trails up at the new TECT Park. While one Mtb trail was epic, we were left feeling that the Redwoods would have been worth the extra 20minute drive and while the challenge of surviving the motorbike trails was somewhat satisfying, it was decided that a trip to my track was in order, which turned out to be a good decision. While they rode, I worked on their skills, the staple diet of cornering and jumps once again coming to the fore. Of course it wouldn’t have been complete without a little jump or two of my own…

Up At The Crack Of Dawn

That night there was no resistance to the idea of an early walk up the Mount so at 6am on Saturday morning we were up and away, eventually resulting in the kind of sunrise with a view that will not easily slip the memory. And the breakfast that followed was similar, especially Logan’s bacon and caramelised banana/ maple syrup pancake. Mmmm.
With the mention that they had been thinking about racing the Summercross this year it made perfect sense to make full use of the practice day set for the Awakaponga track. Arriving on opening minute, the track proved to be on the slushy side to begin with. However it did form up during the day, to the point where they were enjoying it so much that I couldn’t resist letting them out for one more session (their sixth?) at the expense of a slightly late arrival home for their pick up.
Being such pleasant and polite people it was hard to read their true thoughts on the three days, although we were assured that they really did enjoy it- the true test will be whether we see them back. For some reason I think we will.

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