1 December 2011 / Broxy Racing

Auckland Champs 2011

Loving the Race

Fresh off two solid weeks of riding I had two things between the Auckland Champs and myself- an excellent afternoons coaching then a night to get the bikes ready!

Mark Bon is a competent rider that is growing with each session he is having with us. It is like every time we meet there is another break through that keeps him coming back and, for the second time, with enough to do a special trip to his farm. The time flew by with his daughter Jessica and Sam, who had such a buzz from our first session that he was back and riding bigger and better things. Arien and Chad were to join Mark in the afternoon and were a classic example of finding the new skills both weird but effective, definitely something to persist with.

Any time spent with Danny from Botany Honda and his family is a treat so the evening also disappeared in a blur of bikes and merriment. With everyone heading our different ways the house was empty by 6.30am the next morning and I was racing.

Without a blow by blow account, I ended up 3rd overall behind the same two kiwis who beat me at last years nationals but I was happy knowing there was a stack of talent behind me. With basically the same line up as will be at the nationals I was actually lucky to podium as I could not pass Blake Gillard on his 250 2 stroke in the second race and it was only a take out move courtesy of another rider that let me through in the last race, where Keiran Scheele fit in enough spots between us to give me the podium by just one point. Thanks guys!

Next up is the King of the Mountain at New Plymouth so lets get at it!

2012 Botany Honda CRF250

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