2 August 2018 / Broxy Camps

Awhitu Camp- Making Lemonade

We had some serious fun at what you could call the Winter Fest of Awhitu camps. The best riding areas were better than ever, but it was the mud on other areas of the farm that truly made it memorable.

Our first eye-opener was the muddy farm tracks we took the A group around. Coleman proved that you could ride smart enough to avoid the roost of other riders, while Blake wore it big time. Then when we got to the boggiest bit, I decided to take the option of riding through the trees for some extreme enduro practice. That was fine for me, but only one or two of the fifteen riders who followed me managed to make it through without help!

Eventually the rain shut down our final ride of the day, and with a couple of hours to wait before dinner I decided to lead a mission to the motocross track. Despite being warned to take a jacket, many went just as they were, so it was a rag-tag group of 30 humans that were about to become more like pigs.

Using the upramp off a berm that I had formed for a recent film shoot, a dozen kids shaped it even better with their bums, with many of them getting serious speed or even airtime. Ben Hahn led the less prepared group home early, leaving the dirty ones in their ecstasy. The amount of mud that those guys put on the toilet and shower walls afterwards defied belief.

But that wasn’t the end of our muddy fun. As a reward for their hard work learning under Ben and Jordan, I led another expedition to the MX track on day two, this time aboard our bikes. Those that were keen had a go, showing and growing their mud riding skills. Then after a while it was my turn, something I really enjoyed, able to use my 450cc power and hook into the berms like a sling. But the mud slide was calling, so I started with one jump which turned into a freestyle session for both of my coaches and a couple of the older students. Especially impressive were the whips that Ben was able to do despite having been off a bike for almost three years.

You know what they say, when life gives you lemons, make a mud slide!

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