5 February 2019 / Broxy Coaching

Awhitu – Freeriding Epic

This Christmas we booked back to back two-day camps, with the option to stay the night in between camps as well. It was definitely the right move as there was no way we could have accommodated the full number of keen riders on only two days, plus we had the bonus of netting some flounder in between camps with the 20 or so riders who stayed on.

Silver Lining

We also got a deluge of rain on the first morning of the second camp. This was definitely a good thing as it had been getting pretty dusty, but there was so much rain that the MX track was out of action. We needed something extra to keep everyone entertained, which is exactly what we got.

Kev, as he is so good to do, offered us the use of another paddock and we couldn’t have dreamed of a better option. The main feature was a single ridge that we could get airtime on either way, creating the opportunity for some jumping better than anything I have seen at any camp.

Throwing Down

Nate Adams is showing the real fruit of his commitment, who is now leaning so far into his scrubs that his footpeg is very close to touching. Dylan Ryan, one of my assistant coaches, was also able to go very big, getting more sideways than “Mad” Mike Whiddett does in his quad Rotor RX8.

But that was not all, as the jump coming back over the ridge the other way served up a treat of a different kind, helping people like Blake Hafner and Nate’s brother Nick to go massive. Our main man Rhys Kelly was also doing himself proud as were many others.

Little Rocket

One last mention has to go to Axel though. His launch, which I happened to capture on video, was beyond big for his little 50cc motorcycle. It didn’t seem to phase him at all, but I was obliged to warn him that it would pay for him to wait until he was on a bigger bike before going that big again.

The riders just couldn’t get enough of it. This place and the people here are truly something else- in the best way possible.

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