4 October 2017 / Broxy Coaching

Awhitu Venue Review- South Auckland’s Wet Weather Coaching Option

The dirt bike scene in Auckland seems to be cranking at the moment. When a cancelation opened up an extra day of coaching this month, despite only two days notice we ended up with all our session times used up. It seems that everyone is getting cabin fever with all this rain, so we are very blessed to have a venue like Awhitu to use with a paddock that most anyone would be absolutely amping to ride.

You will be seeing plenty of this venue soon if you are subscribed to Blue Wing Honda’s mail out list. We have a series of motocross training tips coming out that were filmed here and at Pirini’s, using Cody Cooper and Trent Collins as examples for much of the action. Not only is this place incredibly picturesque, it delivers with loads of grip and seems to avoid most of the bad weather.

Coaching here consists of three main things; tabletop style jumps, great turns and plenty of up/downhill standing practice. I literally used to dream of having a venue like this to play on, with nothing intimidating enough to cause fear yet naturally shaped better than a golf course. Best of all I am free to make the rules as to how we use it.


The tabletops help with jumping in general, but also for learning whips. It was interesting to see Kieran more comfortable doing a turn-down whip than an MX style one, but he soon had both dialed. Despite being pretty good at jumping, Harrison struggled to keep his knees back and arms bent at first, but it wasn’t long before a big break through had happened and he was jumping better than ever.

For the corner work we began with a natural bowl turn that offered traction aplenty. The goal was to increase corner speed by opening up the entry and leaning right into it, something that I think everybody achieved. The standout out performer was definitely local boy Rhys Kelly, but George also made massive leaps and bounds.

As for the hills, Bill and Louis progressed with their technique like steam trains, strong and steady until they looked ready for anything the ground could throw at them. Smashing that invisible barrier to get their head up past the handlebars on up hills is one thing. Keeping their knees back enough to get their bum near the back of the seat for steep downhills is another. Pretty soon they had both skills sorted. The hard part now is finding dry enough places to practice those skills before they lose them again. Surely this bad weather has to break sometime?

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