7 August 2017 / Broxy Coaching

Awhitu – Window to Heaven

With seemingly the rest of Auckland stuck in deep fog, we were riding under blue skies. You may have seen this venue in the latest NZ Honda video that introduces Cody and I on the new CRF450RX.

I posted some photos on Facebook of how good it was here for two reasons; one to reassure the people arriving later in the day that it was going to be good, the other reason being to give just a little glory to God for another massive blessing!

Good Vintage

The idea worked. While Danny and I were busy fine tuning his jumps and down hills, Steph was getting calls from her friends asking if it wasn’t too late for her to pick them up so they could join the session. She basically let them know that they had missed their chance.

Joining Steph was Vincent, aboard a machine that really got me interested. It was an XR200 from the same year I was born, lightened with motocross plastics and boosted with a custom exhaust. It ran like a dream all day despite the hammering it received at our hands.

While all the skills were new to Vincent, Steph had got some clues from a recent session at Leightons. She was motivated to learn and Vincent was keen to go fast. I mainly needed to teach them both how to brake.

Quick Stop


The “couch” grass that close to the coast is grippy. All we needed was to make sure they kept fairly straight and avoided putting too much weight on the front wheel. Sitting forward and leaning back was the easy way, but it would have been rude not to show them the next level.

They started by finding a decline each that suited them. Steph’s was basically just a gentle slope, but was enough to practice getting right down low to the bike so their bum was almost off the back of the seat but their arms were still bent. The steeper the decline or harder the braking, the lower they were to get.

Front brake is key here, but using the rear brake well was also high on the list. This took some ballet style toe pointing to avoid their knees coming forward, but it was well worth it and I’m pretty sure they headed home well clued up.

Slides and Whips

My last session of the day was a hoot, this time with the lad who was the reason for us being able to use this farm. Rhys has really come on form in a short time, showing just how good he has become.

His competition also showed class on the grass and dirt tracks where the highlight for Hunter had to be his awesome drifts, with the work we did in helping their whips on the paddock out near the coast would have been Blake’s highlight. He was getting halfway flat, which was impressive to watch, although Rhys’ one footers were certainly stylish.

It really is a slice of heaven, well worth the hour long trip from Auckland.

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