27 February 2012 / Broxy Racing

Back up Front

The wisest man who ever lived once said “Before honour comes humility”, so you could almost say that qualifying in twelfth position was a good thing. Fortunately I had been feeling fast on the track (I even had my one little crash in practice to make sure I was pushing the limits), followed by still getting a good gate on the concrete start.

When the gate dropped I was off in a hurry, soon into third place. Luke Burkhart made his way into the lead before messing up a rut which let Daryll King (DK) past and gave me some room up the inside of the next corner, a sweeping up hiller. Poking my nose in, Luke then squared it up sharply and we collided which gave me the advantage where I could then give DK a hard time. Deciding to not follow him was a wise move as I took a new line that gave me a huge boost and with it, the lead. From there I was somehow able to put in some fast laps (more divine intervention there) before calming down enough to hold out the pursuing pack to take my first Nationals win in some time. It felt good!

Battling Hard

The first lap of race two was mental, passing a number of riders in the first corner, some more on the second corner and more again on the fifth. By that time I was in third and with some hard pressure made it into the lead by halfway through that lap- woohoo! I was in the process of putting in some fast laps while trying to not over do it when my front wheel went a little off course and got bitten by a wooden post, sending me to the dirt with a bent rear brake. I was pretty gutted as it was such a random crash but did my best with a rear brake that only served to dig into the dirt on right hand ruts when I was leaning in hard. I managed to hold eleventh and eventually passed Damien King for ninth on the final lap before letting him past again with another small drop to finish in tenth.

Danny Evans, owner of  Botany Honda was quick to put a new rear brake lever on for the last race, doing an excellent job as mechanic to top off his work as the best sponsor a rider could ask for. From there it was one last chance to make the most of a good day which began perfectly with a clear holeshot. This time I had a very keen Scotty Columb breathing down my neck who made a good pass and managed to weave through the lappers and keep up enough pace to win, while DK was never far behind me. I was happy to finish a solid second place which gave me third overall for the day, now sitting fourth in the Championship.

Photo supplied by Dirt Guide

One thing I am looking forward to seeing is some highlights from the GoPro I had on my helmet thanks to DRD magazine. To those who saw it missing for the second race don’t worry I didn’t lose it in my crash, we had taken it off before the second race. As always I would like to thank the Bel-Ray Honda Racing Team, Botany Honda, TCX boots/ Troy Lee gear/ Ariete goggles along with Pirelli Tyres for their great Mid Hards, Renthal, RK, Backflips clothing and POD knee braces for their great products. Harrisville is next weekend for the third round, time to get humble again.

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