3 February 2011 / Broxy Camps

Backflips Clothing FMX Camp

dsc_1473When Nick Franklin said “Freestyle coaching?” Broxy said “I’m keen!” and they were together once again. Having been best friends through the early mx years, Broxy and Franklin have maintained contact over the years and finally they united to form their first FMX camp.

We were in unknown territory – would riders be interested? How would it work? But there was nothing to worry about. We decided that a two day camp would give enough time to ease the riders into the ramps and pit, teaching jumping skills and working our way up to tricks. Limiting numbers to 20 riders, 22 booked in with a few pulling out. We were set to go. Franklin had set up a couple of super safe landings for the ramps and got the foam pit ready.
Riders started out on the supercross track, getting the feel for the day and allowing Broxy and Franklin to gauge their level. Then it was off to the 17 metre jump, landing on a hillside. Not all were keen initially but by the end of camp almost all of them had it sorted.

Little ones going huge

And it wasn’t just this jump they nailed either. The younger riders did their best to outdo the older riders with Olly Ayre giving an impressive and gutsy display completing his first ever foam pit jump from a kicker ramp with a call for “backflip”!
Riders were split into two groups with the more experienced focusing on whips, landings and tricks,while the others refined their skills on table tops, eventually getting good air.

Pit Time

The boys from Te Puke were impressive, having had a bit of experience from Mary Perkin’s FMX camps, they showed us backflips and one handers into the foam pit, while Mark Jones from Waihi had no fear attempting a seat grab after successfully landing a backflip into the foampit. Dylan Hollenback who has only recently came back from injury attempted a few moves into the foampit,while Luke McLean gave his leg a good slamming after letting the pit bike go mid air and having acollision on landing.
The riders thoroughly had a good time and with on hand advice from one of the best freestylers NZ has to offer as well as Broxy’s expertise in both freestyle and mx, there is call for another camp withmost riders saying they will come back so watch this space.

Mighty Sponsors

A big thanks to Dan and Sue Franklin for allowing us to invade their property for two days, Backflips Clothing for the massive giveaways that went down a treat, Red Bull of course for making the Pit possible and Dirt Rider Downunder for their support for the event and giveaways. As Nick would say, Chur!

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  1. Brianna Kessler,

    I admire everything about MX! i dont have a bike sadly but im hoping to get one.

  2. Peter Broxholme,

    I remember being in that situation. I used to enter any contest I could to try and win a bike. Be patient, it will come!

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