28 September 2012 / Broxy Coaching

Backup to Rotorua

As is so often the case when this close to a National event like the Mini’s, we needed to take every chance possible for top quality coaching. A track like Taupo is an obvious first choice so that was the plan until finding out on arrival that the grooming had started early- certainly not ideal so plan B came into place, the Rotorua MCC and its mini track sharing many similarities with its Kapi Mana counterpart including some fairly tight berms and a bungy start, two things that we were to hammer all day long.

Booster Shot

A replica was wanted for Logan who really turned up the heat following our last coaching session, going on to get two firsts and a second against his stiffest competition the next weekend. We worked on all things fast for starts, berms and flat corners so we will find out come October 5th whether it worked once again.

Kapi Mana in their sights

Hayden Smith was also in that session, showing his intense commitment to carrying cornerspeed and excellent jumping skills aboard the bike he will no longer be riding after these nationals.


Putting exit speed just one notch above entry speed, in importance, was key, along with consistency- an exact match to my main issues when racing, so I will be also following him closely come race time.

The Attitude of Winners

Following them were the Fladgates and their friend Jordan, an awesome crew that just want to ride and learn. You couldn’t ask for a better bunch of kids, putting up with a number of problems along the way to get some stubborn techniques under control and get closer to their limit in the turns.

3,2,1 Bungeee!

We also did start after start to get them all going good both off the line and around the first turn. Young Hayden proved he was king of creativity when it came to line options when trying to pass someone on one of the many hot laps they did.

Out of everyone it was the parents that deserve my thanks the most for putting up with the changes along the way, massive ups to you guys and gals!

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