1 July 2013 / Broxy Racing

Battle of the Clubs 2013

Digger McEwen

Digger McEwen

Broxy holding strong

Broxy holding strong

It’s a funny thing, this buzz. No matter how much you think you don’t need it, that fire comes bubbling up from somewhere deep and slowly warms its way through your veins until your whole body feels lighter and stronger than anything you feel in every day life. And even when it has filtered back down into the recesses that it hides in, that buzz still leaves that feeling of satisfaction for weeks to come. I was in the front of a talented MX2 and Vets pack and enjoying every moment.

Back in the Saddle

Aside from the handful of riders who transitioned from the NZ nationals to the Australian MX series, Taupo’s Battle of the Clubs was the first event back on the bike for many of us, after what seemed like a long sabbatical from the race track.
Forty one teams covered much of the grassed over pumice that forms Taupo’s pit area, each six rider team a combination of junior and senior riders.
Our team was fortunate enough to have a real star joining us, Cody Cooper joining Team Tauranga aboard his number one bike. You couldn’t have asked for more in a team mate as was to be proved.

Second Qualifiers

Qualifying was reminiscent of days gone by, where your gate position was determined by a race of its own. Two of the three results from each teams junior and senior riders were chosen to determine their gate pick, and with Cody’s win and my fifth place we had gate picks number two and twenty one.
Pongakawa’s Dion Steiner was our rider for the Vets class who offered me the first gate pick for race one, which I appreciated considering the big bikes I was to battle. It paid off, and while Dion had to struggle his way from further back, I found myself in fourth position on the exit of turn one.


This quickly became second position as I made a risky outside move before basically shoving Blake Gillard wide and taking the spot. Half a lap later I made my way into the lead, then while the others tussled it out I suddenly had a decent breathing space. It was a good feeling, one which lingered despite Rhys Carter blowing past me at around the halfway point, and the others started catching as my arms began to pump up, because I narrowly held out Kayne Lamont to finish in second place.

Coops leading the MX1 class

Coops leading the MX1 class

Full On

For the finale Cody showed how confident he is in his starting ability by giving me the best starting position, then proceeding to take the early lead and race win anyway. We hope it is a good booster to his confidence as he carries on his Australian MX title pursuit in two weeks time. Having struggled after an average start I had the battle of my life with action aplenty. My main regret was not wearing a GoPro to record the intense action as the carnage ensued.

Runners Up

As the dust settled I had finished in eleventh spot, enough to help our senior team to second place. Taupo B took the overall which was a fitting result while we finished in fifth after an excellent effort from our local lads in the Junior team who finished in 7th. It was an excellent day and solidified the event as one of the premier events of the pre race season, with all due credit going to the Taupo MCC. Next up, the T100.

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