4 July 2018 / Rider Profile

Baxter Florance- Rider Profile

The Michael Godfrey is without a doubt the biggest MX event on the South Island calendar every year. This year they had to shut off entries at least a week early, just from the sheer numbers. Even the 50cc class had a full gate, and the one who rose to the top that weekend is our feature rider this month, and he is one of the nicest kids you can hope to meet.

Baxter hails from Rakaia, named after the great braided river that starts its journey up near Mount Hutt. Baxter’s dad invited me to coach a private session in March this year, followed up with another in May. The invitation was gladly accepted, and I can’t help but feel the coaching might have contributed in some small way to Baxter’s success this year.

Calm Under Fire

He was facing stiff competition, especially from the fast riders who came up from further south. Looking at the results from day two, you would have no idea who to back. But Baxter had won all three races on the first day, doing just enough to win the overall.

“A lot of smiles on a lot of faces” was how Paul described the peoples reaction to his sons big win. I think that is mainly because of just how well liked the two of them are at the race track. They just have such a welcome and friendly way about them that you just don’t forget, something that will no doubt continue to help them- and the sport at the same time.

As if to really stamp his mark, Baxter then went on to win the 50cc all in race as well. Perhaps being pitted alongside the likes of Ben Townley and Josh Coppins had helped. Whatever it was, he has a bright future ahead. Although, there was one down side. Winning so much at such a big event meant that the trophies were too big to take to school for show and tell that next week.

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