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The epic time had by the full camp of riders that joined us at this years Dargaville camp saw us book for a summer camp without delay. While in the area it would be rude not to open up coaching for the keen ones up north so it was a whole Broxy family they saw with the Kerikeri track of Taylors we hit up first. Broxy was in full reminisce mode when Patrick arrived for his first BRC session with his 1996 YZ125, a bike from the era of Broxy’s most impressionable days. The old bike never missed a beat and Patrick was buzzing with skills and new ideas after his session. With our friend Nigel up next we were in for more fun without a doubt. He had brought a friend along for this session who proved to be both competition for Nigel and a gauge as to how far he has progressed since staying with us for a week. They were both surprised with the effect that leaning more than the bike has on their traction when they were hitting the slippery stuff and in seeing how competitive Nigel was against his fast friend there are going to be some people standing up and noticing.

Maungaturoto was next and it was a busy weekend that saw a man organize his friends for our session but be unable to join us himself. That was really too bad as the boys had a great time slipping around and getting some new ideas, we hope to make it up to Scott soon. Not to be missed was a keen James McArthur, joining us for two sessions that day which started with clutch and gears and moved onto the bigger picture with some new friends after that, which included all they needed to start charging hard on a slippery Maungi mini track.


Our fine spell arrived right on sue for the Redhill Camp, the only downer being the number of riders who had to miss out due to the busy time just before Christmas. This camp is truly one to remember as we ride all day and play all night, whether hitting dunes, berms or pillows. At night it was poison pillows, soccer and then spotlight that provided entertainment more than enough to ensure an excellent nights sleep. The next day was more of the same except it saw Ana make it up the dunes for the second time ever, Robbie master the tabletop and Broxy get his riding pushed by Andrew and the others.

Our final move was to a property in north Auckland for three sessions at one of the nicest locations imaginable. A rider by the name of Tangi mastered a number of new skills, Emily and Brett had their jumping boosted big time and Lucas added a heap of confidence to his skills. Those that took the time to join us at our four venues seemed very happy they did and all of us would like the thank the organizers and track owners that let us have so much fun on two wheels.

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