2 February 2018 / Broxy Camps

Berms, Jumps and Surf at Invercargill

It was more than just dry conditions that I needed to manage at our Invercargill Bootcamp. The big group of excited teenagers kept me just as busy off the track as on it.

Boy/girl dynamics had a part to play in that. In the same way that I carefully managed which sections the riders rode, I tried to keep an eye on them during our down times to avoid them pairing off. Just the same way that I separated the young rider from the main group, I made sure the teenage boys slept on the opposite end of the club rooms to the girls. As the old saying goes, better safe than sorry!

Cooling Off

More seriously, keeping them from over heating or dehydrating in the extreme heat was priority number one. I had been praying for rain, but failing that, we ended up with numerous trips to the beach for a swim instead. With the temperature topping out at 30 degrees, the ocean water was a welcome relief as we joined the hordes of southlanders who had the same idea as us. Seeing hundreds of cars on a beach like that was a sight to remember.

Our riding times were carefully cut short and drink breaks strictly enforced. Yet it meant that our lessons were focussed and effective, giving us time to go through a wide range of skills. Kickers, ruts, starts, whips- we did a lot. And by camps end we had some tired but happy riders that were still in one piece. I could also give them back to their parents with a clean conscience in other areas as well, although what happens from here I claim no responsibility for…

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