12 November 2019 / Broxy Coaching

Invercargill- Supercross Skills

There is a special place in my heart for Supercross. I’ve always loved watching and racing it, so I was plenty excited when I was told that Southland hotshot Flynn Roskam was going to be doing both the Winton and...

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12 November 2019 / Track review

Whangarei- Fresh Digs

In memory of Mark Sands the Whangarei MCC have been given full permission to go hard with the clay track on Kaiatea Road and they are off to an awesome start. At this years coaching day with the club, these...

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30 October 2019 / Track review

Pretty Fly

Pic by Paul of DRD Mag My wife cracks up at how MX riders have their “Outfit”. Just like a Grandma, but except for a matching purse and hat, we have our riding clothes match our boots and helmet. She...

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17 October 2019 / Riding Tips

Riding Tip- Forward Thinking

There are times on a dirtbike when you can sit back and power hard- but they are very rare. Even then you are probably doing more damage than good- aside from the momentary fuzzy feeling it might give you. Our...

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