4 April 2018 / Broxy Camps

Bootcamp in your Area?

If you are itching to do a bootcamp in your area, check out how one keen team made it happen way up in Kerikeri this month. The riders made epic progress even though pesky showers did their best to slow us down.

Most people respond better in small groups. That’s just the way we work. Yet most people simply can’t bring themselves to justify the extra expense of a two day bootcamp. If you are on the fence, then try thinking of a camp as being the same cost as two one on one sessions, except we feed the riders and pay the track fees. If you want, it means you only have to drop them off and pick them up. Best of all, I get five hours a day to tailor training to what they need most. Well, some kids might dispute this, as activities like spotlight games or possum shooting would battle pretty hard for the title of being their favorite thing.

The Trumpet Call

Vicki Evans organized the riders and most of the food. Her son Seth loves the larger camps that we do up their way, but to really get the most out of him we needed a smaller group. Rather than travel all the way down to Tauranga for a Bootcamp, she sounded out a few other parents on the idea of getting me up for a two day camp just to themselves. Half a dozen were keen, so we booked the closest available date. Unfortunately it did impinge on school hours, but it is such a rare opportunity that the parents made it happen, knowing that they were probably going to be learning more than they would on a regular school day anyhow.

Day one started out with the hardest work. Not with a physical run like you would traditionally associate with a bootcamp, but a run-down on the full extent of movement possible while standing. The potency of this focused training is exciting, and being a small group meant no one could hide. We got them forward and back, plus able to soak straight down or move to the side should the rear wheel go astray. By lunchtime they had certainly earned their wraps.

Switching It Up

Of course cornering was next. Coercing them into the styles that will make life easiest, even though they should feel weird at first. Having a small group meant I could use the best part of the track backwards, producing some epic speed as the not so good lines that didn’t get their turning done to the very end became the exact opposite, encouraging most of the turn to get done early in the corner. There were some pretty amped up riders by the end, even despite being fairly worn out.

But the most fun was had hunting around the farm with a spotlight. With Murray driving and Broxy using the .22, the kids did a great job of spotting the possums or rabbits and fetching them if needed. We had a productive night and still had them settled in bed at a reasonable hour, ready for an early start.

Unfortunately day two was more challenging with pesky showers getting in the way, but the feedback we got afterwards indicated that the parents were plenty happy with the progress they could see. A massive thanks goes to Vicky and Murray for making it possible.

If you would like to have Broxy swing out your way for a bootcamp then make sure you get in early. You or your child will no doubt get a great deal out of it, not to mention the fun to be had along the way.


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