3 January 2013 / Broxy Coaching

Both sides of the Bombays

If you know anyone who has ever been heavily involved in a motorcycle club, you would know how much time and effort it takes to give back to the sport in this way. Hence our club coaching offer, giving a select number of committee members or their offspring free coaching as a one off deal. Craig Cameron and his team were the latest of those taking us up on that, which we held at their home track at Patetonga, naturally.

Unfortunately the rutty conditions we were hoping for being a few short days after the Valley Champs had been wrecked by some over zealous track grooming. Despite that, we found the best bits that were not so full of rounded rubble, and worked on the things that would help them make sure they got the best possible enjoyment out of the sport they put so much effort towards.

Loving the 150RB


Sacrificing some points with his wife, Peter Rust went around and fixed up what he could of the track while I coached Matt Atkins for the first time in many years, making up for lost time with a big improvement in his roller skills and working on those all important inside lines.

Unfortunately that was it for the day as a massive downpour hit, leaving the Dalley family to miss out, while the track would have lapped up the rain gratefully.

Fun Times in South Auckland

The night brought me to a private track near Drury in the morning, for a group that the Joyce family had organized. There were some very keen locals there to up-skill, including Danilla and his dad who we are getting to know quite well.

Through the dust, we kept their bodies lower over the jumps and intensity in the corners high with our new lap timers. Home baking kept the sugar levels up long enough for them to last until pack up time, looking better riders for the day and swearing they would have us back soon.

Knarly Skills

Break Time

From there we gate crashed the Sandpit at Woodhill for some Saturday coaching, first with Kian and James before working with Matthew Bos aboard his brand new KTM. I pile them together in this story because the skills they needed to start enjoying the sand were all the same, sitting forward so they could lean back to get their turning started which really helped the younger lads, and over exaggerating their standing styles to the massive improvement of Matt, especially up the knarly sand hills as we found.

With no contact from my last rider I was on my way out when one last call had him just down the road, so we met at the trials area and helped him get back on the bike for the first time in years. It was a case of easy does it, and we were happy to finish with no incidents- not your most exciting session on one hand, but extremely satisfying on the other. We can cater for all types!

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