31 July 2016 / Broxy Coaching

Bound For Broome

Australian Postie Bike Challenge, September 2016

Alan Marks is a name unknown to the Motorcycling world unless you know Broxy’s Father-in-law.  After retiring in 2015 Alan has been eyeing up various challenges until he came across the Postie Bike Challenge.  Check out www.postiebikechallenge.org

Postie ChallengeSince 2002, riders from Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Singapore and the United States of America have taken on the challenge to ride a small-capacity motorcycle vast distances across the rugged Australian landscape all in the name of adventure and charity.

The route from Perth to Broome will take Alan and 50 other riders through regions more remote than can be found in any other state of Australia.  They will ride across incredible country, including Eighty Mile Beach, Millstream National Park, Karajini National Park, and Opthalmia Range around the Pilbara region, to name a few.  

Alan’s not completely a novice having previously been a road bike rider in his hay day. However, the closest he has come to a Motorcycle in the last 20 years has been supporting Broxy on the sideline of the Senior Motocross Nationals.

AustraliaWith one month to go sourcing rider safety gear has been another issue for Alan who no longer owns Motorbike gear and Broxy has helped out where he can. Can you help?

Items he requires are: Trousers (size 34 or 36)
        – Kidney Belt or Back Brace
         – Full Faced Road Bike Helmet

You may have something suitable that is destined for the heap (Alan will donate it to charity where all the bikes are donated after use) or he will return it to you accordingly.

If you can help please contact Broxy at info@broxy.co.nz    

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