31 August 2011 / Broxy Coaching


For the first time ever Broxy Rider Coaching was able to coach on the famous Summer X track of Awakaponga. Having done countless hours racing on its volcanic soil Broxy was amping to share some the knowledge he had built up over the years.

Hold Up!

The coaching almost didn’t happen. We had quite a lot of interest but without having to charge people in excess of $40 each for the track fee it just wasn’t going to happen. A last minute bit of negotiation from a respected colleague saw us able to drop the fee down and make the day happen. Woohoo!

Shelby on the Honda  Our morning session was full of 85 and 65 riders keen to hit the big track. The sawdust was a perfect place to free their upper bodies from trying too hard to control a wild bike. Not an easy thing when you may have been taught differently but once they had honestly tried it the strong lower body and relaxed arms style it seemed like a light had been switched on.

We could then move to the switch back section where rear brake use was replaced with front in order to help them to lean. The corners were difficult ones with the rut being quite sharp and starting late but there were some flying bodies by the end.

Boys and Girls

Brendon getting down  That afternoon Brendon was the lucky lad in with Shelby and Kaylene- two girl riders used to mixing it with the boys. The session followed the tracks of the first one with similar results, finishing on the concrete start pad. As with coaching most girls there was no shyness about verbalizing any problems which makes the coaches job much easier, not having to guess what is on the riders mind. Before long what had been strong starters were now looking even stronger.

Without a doubt the BOP MCC deserves a huge thankyou for opening up its facilities to us, we hope to be able to continue working with them in the future. Bay Honda also deserves a huge shout out for their help in making this happen.

Air time and Stoppages

Another session that needed some tweaking was our day at the Rotorua MCC club track at Horohoro. Ethan Rowe was back and brought his mate Carl with him for their skills fix. After a shaky start (getting bikes to go that is) the boys got on to a track in great condition. Despite being given clues as to how hard they were meant to haul on the brakes it took them a while to really stop fast but by the end they were making up loads of time entering the corners. Ruts improved, using front brake and clutch and even their jumping looked better once they had been taught how to case a jump safely.

It is good to have Mikey P back to work on the Horohoro track. With all the clearing being done in there she is starting to look very good.

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