1 September 2011 / Broxy Coaching

BRC Blizzard

Before Eight Inches of White Stuff

With the country plunging into a white out, there is Broxy pedaling his little Mitsubishi L300 on its last South Island adventure. Avoiding ice is all a part of the job and we almost got away with it.

Getting Agressive

The small riverside town of Maruia, close to Springs Junction was a lee in the storm for our weekend adventure. Silty soil provided a grippy surface that only got better the more it was ridden but first we had three new mini riders to help. Bailey, Kyle and Brayden were a great test as I had to first gain their trust and then push them into new realms of riding. Here is a little of what Delwyn Leitch had to say about the next event that they rode after that session- “I am not sure how much of your training they actually put into place on the day but I have never seen either of them ride so hard or so agressive!  They are both very proud of their results and their trophies!!”

The track belongs to Ethan Bruce’s family who have been a big part of BRC over the last several years. Fresh from proving himself at the national level he joined Sam and Scott for style work that ranged from adjustments to overhauls. Sam especially noticed a huge energy saving, while you will soon be able to see for yourself on youtube how Ethan got on.

Die Hard

Up in Blenheim the Wadworths river track was our next playground. Josh Orchard was back, along with Gracie McHugh. Her story over the last year is one of a remarkable recovery from a very dangerous crash. Going over the bars at the Michael Godfrey it appears that the Leatt neck brace may well have saved her life. In doing its job it also saw three of her vertebrae break from the horrendous forces. It was incredible to hear this story from the girl I had just seen riding her bike like nothing had ever happened. She still wears her neck brace in case you are interested!

Ethan Charging

Who Dares Wins

The main skill for that group and the next was avoiding the lean-forward when first entering a corner, a horrible habit that causes slippery corners and ruts to seem insurmountable. Those that dared to really try the new style were the biggest winners.

Youtube is a good way to see what caused the premature closure of the session including Daniel Wooley and friends, check it out here. Before we got snowed out the boys did some good work so the video is a tribute to them.

We were booked to finish the trip with a big coaching day on the West Coast track where the mini nationals will be held in November. Unfortunately the storm overcame the mountains and despite forecasts giving us the all clear we had to cancel as the track became a foot under snow. It was a very difficult way to finish what had been a fun but challenging trip, let alone the hairy ferry trip back!


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