3 April 2012 / Broxy Coaching, Featured Events

Breaking into the Army Base

For the first time ever, Broxy Rider Coaching was one of the features of this years Honda Tussock Buster. Held in the Army Training grounds of Waiouru again in March this year, with Honda NZ now the major sponsor. We were essentially following the lead of Richie Ebbett from RG3, with a special low price for helping the rider enjoy their ride more but instead of setting up the bike it was the rider themselves that took the tuning.

A Helping Hand

Very similar to what we run at the Honda Kids Camps we booked most riders in prior to the event, grabbed an area to set up some cones and went at it. With our groups set well in advance we made sure there was space for those riders who would decide on the spur of the moment that they wanted to join in, an option that around a third of the riders chose including one Dad who waited until he had heard the first part of what I was teaching his son before realizing it was exactly what he needed too, and joined his son for the rest of the hour.

It was a load of fun with mostly small groups of similarly skilled riders grouped together although the session that was the largest was also the most fun- a bunch of ladies amping for some testosterone-free riding and teaching time.

Being only our first time at this kind of event we were stoked with the number of riders keen to join us and are definitely looking forward to doing many more sessions at trail rides in the future so please invite us along and bring any suggestions on the best way to get it done, we would love to join you!

Special thanks go to Honda New Zealand as always, whose help we couldn’t be without. Secondly to the organizers of the Tussock Busters for their special help in getting us out there and helping rider awareness!

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