16 September 2010 / Broxy Coaching

Breaking new ground out East

Different Wildlife out here!

Different Wildlife out here!

All it took was one keen Grandmother getting a few families together to see Broxy Rider Coaching finally reach the fresh coasts of Gisborne. Blessed with a window of sunshine, a Gisborne club track to work with and two very keen groups of riders this was a real pleasure even having a mass of Llamas to add to the character.

The First Session

Xavier was quick, Saxon very keen, Troy loving his KLX110 and Ethan never short of very good feedback. We worked from the hardest corner all the way through to conquering the whole track even with their little wheels which they were pretty stoked with. Probably the hardest was using the outside of their hand on the grip but with some fairly strict encouragement produced the goods!

Ashley going nuts

The Second Session

The second session was all about safe speed with the older group. Braking, leaning and powering as hard as possible. Cory and Dana got much better into the corner when off the rear brake and out of it on the clutch in the higher gear- real results!

Showing the talent

Ashley started pushing the boundaries by laying it over with no holding back showing real skill. The same with young Travis, the local young gun. Getting him soaking jumps to the extreme and hooking through some quick starts had him looking dangerous for his next big races, maybe the next big thing to come out of Gizzy.

There was a big call to have BRC back before Summercross, just ask the riders how they found it then get your bookings in early to join in.

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