1 October 2015 / Broxy Coaching

Bringing it Together at Dome

IMG_7974 This group of riders were brought together thanks to the power of Facebook. Josh started the page, Reuben got in touch with us to make a coaching day happen. What went down was something to remember.

We started at the gentleman hours of 10am. Dome Valley was our venue, which would have been in pretty good condition except for one shower of rain while we waited for the gates to open. Fortunately that was all the rain we were to have. Once everyone had arrived, we got stuck in.

IMG_7979It was obvious from the beginning that these guys were here to learn. Another easy observation was how we had a fairly wide range in experience level. So we started easy and built our way up.

The lessons flowed quite naturally as riders gave feedback and asked pertinent questions. While some riders stayed on the start straight, the rest progressed onto some sections that were a mixture of awesomeness and slippery turns challenging enough to make most people focus soley on survival. The skills began with front brake and throttle control, moving to leaning with the bike and how much you need to be using that skill to help you push harder on the outside footpeg when powering out of slippery turns.

IMG_7976Next we worked on the hills. Mostly that of the downward slope as the uphill was another case of often switching to survival mode. Before our time was up we had moved to another section that had them staying forward over a downhill tabletop before getting a much better run at the step up.

Conditions partially improved, but I can’t wait to work with many of these guys again at our next location in a few months time, before really showing them how good life can be at Pirinis. There were plenty of tired bodies after the big day of riding and cleaning bikes afterwards, so it was a good thing that they learned so much!

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