6 October 2016 / Broxy Coaching

Broxy Camps- Shotgunner vs. Sniper

We run a wide range of camps with different approaches and goals, and it is time we clarified them a little, using last month as an example.

Shot Gun Style

img_4806Our two day holiday camps like what we hold on the Manukau Heads of Awhitu is a real family favourite, focusing on fun with group coaching sessions along the way. For the last two camps Kevin has had a short trail loop through a bunch of his paddocks near the Bunkhouse, meaning we can separate everyone into A and B groups for safety and coaching purposes, while having somewhere for the kids to ride while they are not on the motocross track. It doubles as an easier option while the main track may be a bit slippery, such as it was at the start of our last camp.

There is some coaching to start each groups turn on the main track, then free time as I move through the riders giving some individual feedback before they head back for a img_6057drink and playtime while the next group has their turn.

The price of these camps is kept to a minimum due to the large numbers we can cater for in this way, helped by the generosity of Charlotte and her crew with stacks of food always on offer. There are usually some ball games or spotlight whenever possible and we generally have a good time. Of course all of that activity really takes it out of the riders so their parents can expect them to sleep well when they do get home.



img_4894These three day camps usually happen at Pirinis (halfway between Tauranga, Rotorua and Whakatane), but are possible anywhere in the country. They have traditionally been the ultimate in progression for rider skills as I limit their free time to focus on skills and intensity. There is still time for fun of course as the younger ones enjoy their time together and the older ones relax on the front deck having a good laugh or serious talk, but that word progression is the key focus.

Normally we have food to feed an army but a miscalculation left us a little short last month, with my apologies to the hungry hordes. We had a huge second day of riding and it is incredible what can be consumed with enough img_4899activity, which is always a good thing so long as we are ready for it.

In the case of this camp it wasn’t until the third day that we saw the light bulb come on in at least one rider. Some people just need that kind of time to either convince themselves of their need to do something or to make a new habit really stick.


Sniper Rider

img_4765 Now we are offering a third option, private camps over two or three days. This is where anyone can ask us for a weekday date for them and up to five friends, meaning you know exactly what you are getting in terms of rider level and exactly what kind of coaching you prefer to receive. I think this is the way of the future and actually my preferred option also, as I can cater more carefully to each rider level.

This would be the most expensive option per day but definitely the most worthwhile if you are either quite serious, or not as fit as you would like yet want some results that will stick. It can really be the dream existence as you hang with mates doing what you love most.

img_4936The last one of these that we did saw two Auckland riders leave on another level to what they arrived at. This is especially good for shift workers such as Larry and Dave who we recently had on a Bootcamp but agreed that a private camp may be better next time.

If you have any queries or thoughts on something special you would like to do then contact us any time.

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