3 January 2013 / Broxy Coaching

Broxy Race Team Realised

With the help of Honda NZ and Botany Honda, Broxy is bringing together an all out assault on the 2013 NZ motocross calendar, and bringing some young talent through with him.

2013 Racing. Pics by Alick Saunders

Named the Broxy Race Team, for the first time gives him the chance to take some riders under his wing.

Only The Best

The team will beĀ supported with everything from Castrol oils and JT riding gear to discounts off all the products Broxy has found he likes the most such as Bridgestone tyres, Alpinestars boots, Shoei helmets and POD knee braces to name a few.

The Future

The Broxy Race Team will be seen at every major event this year with a special set up for the Junior Nationals. Make sure to come grab a poster or a photo, or better still, be one of those riders he eventually takes on the team with him!

Proudly Supported By

Other awesome gear sponsors include Dirt Rider Downunder, Backflips clothing, FMF racing exhausts, Dragon eyewear, Moto SR Suspension, M-Spec Racing, Atlas neck braces, MotoMuck cleaning products, NoToil, RK chains, Braking discs and Tag handlebars.

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