3 September 2019 / Broxy Coaching

Broxy Track

You may have seen that we offered $40 off for training at our track during the month of August. It was an offer that got many people into gear.

A favourite (if I can say that) was with Luca and Dylan, two mini bike riders with attitude. We kicked things off with loop on the grass that taught Dylan how to sit when on the power and off, while Luca used that time to get on the gas hard, a buzz that he took to the track with a vengeance.

Next Step

Luca also knew the drill when it came to standing. He had done an “August Special” with me last year- and you could tell. So it was time to teach him more, and fortunately Dylan was up to the task as well.

My big step-up jump becomes a series of hills for younger riders. The first step involved leaning extra far forward just before the front wheel was about to drop away from their body. It would feel like they are trying to push the front down, but it actually has the opposite effect as it gets their upper body into the place where it won’t get pulled forward.


Another trick, and this was a harder one, was a small turn as their wheels were going over the sharp part. The point is to lean the bikes over and turn around the kick, rather than letting it send the rear wheel high. This might have been a bit advanced, but sometimes it is just as important to plant the seed as it is to see that seed grow. I am looking forward to working on this more with the boys in the future because it is so effective on all sorts of bumps and hills, not to mention jumps.

The other main thing was helping Luca to stand extra low to his bike with knees gripping the skinny part of the bike for braking down the steepest hills. With his chin nearly touching the handlebars, his weight was back and yet arms remained bent. By the end he was literally flying off the steepest drops in full control.

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