27 November 2018 / Broxy Coaching

Broxy Track Feature

James was obviously buzzing after this months session at my track in Tauranga. The jumps have been tamed down, but that doesn’t stop him from claiming a victory over the step down labeled “Pastrami’s jump”, in the same way that Glenn can say he has conquered ruts thanks to the corner that follows. Training sessions in Tauranga are now better than ever.

Great Location

Tauranga is not a bad place to visit, generally known for good weather (although not always the case, as our Waikato friends like to remind us) and great beaches. It is also a mecca for motocross with many of NZ’s top racers choosing to live here. If you are just looking for a place to ride then keep your mouse moving along, but if you really want to learn, then this could be the next place you do a coaching session.

It is perfectly located for anyone travelling from the North, West or South, and thanks to friends like Caleb Van Dragt it is now wider, smoother and safer than ever.

Tailored To Teach

Designed without the sharp lips or banks you have edging many tracks, we can choose any section to work on at will. Most productive are the four corners that have helped many people with their turning skills, but my favourite obstacle is the roller section.

Many people have learned to push and power their rear wheel down the back side of each roller through this section by letting their front wheel get extremely high between each one. Rather than bouncing through like they would most whoops, they are able to keep in touch with the ground and get more speed than ever. Nigel was a real stand out with this skill lately, blitzing them like they weren’t even there.

But There’s More

There are jumps of course, ranging from something a beginner can learn on to step up jumps that used to make world class riders think twice- along with everything in between. But the landings have been continually rounded off over the years, to the point where even my big double is almost ready for the general racing crowd of NZ.

For the really green riders we have plenty of great paddocks to choose from, including some top secret free riding elsewhere on the farm that only a select few have experienced. Next time you are getting some training with me there be sure to ask about it.

Way Back, and Forward

Danny Evans of Botany Honda is a long time friend/ student/ sponsor of mine, so to have him out again this month for more training was a real treat. His cornering is seriously better than ever, and the way that he was handling the rollers was testament to our training there in the past. He was flying, and we hope to help many more people there in the future.

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