28 October 2011 / Featured Events, specials

Broxy’s TradeMe bonanza

If you keep an eye on second hand motorcycle gear you might have noticed a newbie called punkin7 listing all kinds of things on $1 reserve lately. While it might seem foolish to risk good gear going so cheaply we need to reclaim the room in our garage and TradeMe is undoubtedly the best way to do that.

Help us clear room in the garage

We are selling tyres, tubes, gear, helmets, boots, body armour and even motorcycle spares to any keen bidder so get on there and check it out. And if anything in the photo below catches your eye don’t hesitate to ask us to put it on Trade Me as well- apart from the shelving of course!

Also, in case you didn’t notice the Broxy Rider Coaching van has been doing less traveling over the last 18 months with its South Island duties taken over by another van. When flights are much cheaper than the ferry, not to mention fuel costs, having a cheap but reliable van based in Christchurch with its own bike and gear has both saved money and meant Broxy has had more time at home to be a dad.

South Island Broxy Van we are selling

Circumstances (the snow storm that covered much of NZ recently) saw the South Island van come home to Tauranga for what is most likely its final BRC trip. After getting treated to a birthday it will now be sold to some lucky tradesman, backpacker or motocrosser where its duties will again go back to the main BRC van. The new plan is that it will help Broxy coach his way south, then wait a couple of weeks while he flies home to take a week or two with the family before flying back to coach his way home again. Confused? Just be glad I didn’t try explain vehicle use on our last South Island trip!

Anyway if you are keen for some of Broxy’s second hand gear you might want to check it out…

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