14 October 2010 / Broxy Camps

Busy Holidays!

School holidays rock! A chance to entertain kids who enjoy riding, and a chance to give the parents some peace and quiet. That’s our job and we love it.

Monsters of the Deep

Broxy camp 13 We planned three two-day camps, plus a Mini Nationals Coaching Day which meant one thing – no sleep and lots of travelling. After a hectic sun soaked day in Huntly, we headed straight for Paul Ashton’s place, Waipukurau. A last minute call created minor chaos as our accommodation was no longer available, but thanks to John Scheele and the FMX boys a marquee was available for hire and Paul’s kiwi ingenuity provided Sarah with an actual kitchen bench! This was the smallest of the camps, but that meant Sarah had some down time from being camp mum and got to enjoyed a blat on one of the two tracks we had for the camp. The kids were pretty tired after the first day, and enjoyed a spot of eeling at night next to the bonfire. Broxy was nearly dragged into the water after a mammoth effort to haul out the mother of all eels, but to our amusement, he saved himself.

The money shot!


Forward Flips

Heading home with two days to recuperate, it was then time to head to Tokoroa, one of our usual camp facilities which always books out. The track was in mint condition providing a great learning ground for the more beginner rider, and a chance to¬†improve speed for the more expert, including Stan Olliff who provided us with a stunning shot aboard his CRF250r. Daniel Rust, who we met for the first time showed he was not only skilled on a motorbike, but had guts on his push bike too, completing a backflip into Nick Franklin’s foampit earning himself a Red Bull.


After originally thinking our Kaikohe camp only had 12 riders, we ended up with a full camp thanks to Murray Gravatt spreading the word around the local riders. Also thinking we would need a helping hand, we asked Stan if he wanted to head north with us. Having never been further north than Warkworth, and not missing up the opportunity to go riding, he joined the Broxy team for the rest of the week. This proved worthwhile as he then went on to win all three motos at a club day in Whakatane the following week. We arrived Wednesday night in time to join in the local twilight ride and catch up with friends.

Camp base this time was in a woolshed which housed everyone for what turned out to be a very cold night – Broxy and Chloe ended up in the van and Sarah had the boat to herself. Only one deflated bed though, with two very cold boys. The riders had a great time blasting around Murray’s fantastic track complete with stutters and natural hills. Not to mention the obstacle course where Broxy got himself stuck on the see-saw, rolled backwards, fell off and created a domino affect with other riders standing by. The riders were treated to a maintenance evening with Mitchell, Damon and Cassidy Nield who taught everyone a lot about their own bikes. This was followed by an evening of traditional spotlight and eeling.

After packing up on Friday we still weren’t quite heading home. Off to Dargaville we went for a fantastic Saturday’s riding with the Dargaville MX Club while also providing two coaching sessions during breaks in racing. Thanks Aaron, Bruce and Judy!

So many new names at all of the camps which goes to show how big off road riding is becoming and we hope to encourage even more people to get out there in the dirt. The pics from all three Broxy Holiday Camps in Hawkes Bay, Tokoroa and Northland are all posted here, check out the cover shot of Stan at least!

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