10 July 2021 / Broxy Coaching

Regular Coaching!

Want to see a better riding style that lasts? Coaching sessions are awesome and overnight camps are even better. But the ideal is regular coaching! The ultimate motivation to change the hard habits is knowing that their coach will be...

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31 March 2020 / Broxy Coaching

Ultimate Backyard

Jed has one of the best back yards of anyone I know. It probably doesn’t hurt that his dad owns a digger company. For most of his first term of school he was out on his pitbike every day after...

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30 March 2020 / Broxy Coaching

Close to Home

The surprisingly clear containment plan that the Government has us on is something I am very thankful for. At least for now I don’t have to make important decisions on where to go or what to do. Having said that,...

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4 February 2020 / Broxy Coaching

Starting Them Right at Rotoiti

His eyes were intently trained in my direction every time I described the next skill. His clothing and riding style told me that he was new to motorbikes, but it wasn’t long before he started riding better than all the...

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