2 July 2019 / Broxy Racing

Battle of the Clubs 2019

With just two weeks of training under my belt I lined up for this years Battle of the Clubs for my first race in what seems like forever. The main goal was just to stay out of trouble, so that...

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2 February 2018 / Broxy Racing

Summercross- Stepping Up

While two weeks of proper riding time would not have been enough to compete properly in the MX1 class, it did set me up for a decent effort in the Vets at Summercross this year. Some drama added to the...

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6 September 2017 / Broxy Racing

Tarawera 100 Race Report

I was fizzing to ride this event for a few reasons. After a couple of years not having raced a Tarawera 100, I now had the ultimate tool for the job. This great event was made extra special as we...

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5 July 2017 / Broxy Racing

Enduro Nats on the RX

Prepping This year I got to race the a round of all three major dirt bike National titles, starting on a 2017 CRF450R for the motocross before moving to the RX for the Cross Country and Enduro Nationals. Surprisingly this...

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17 May 2017 / Broxy Racing

Racing the new CRF450RX

My first proper ride on Honda’s new CRF450RX happened to be at the final round of the NZ Cross Country Nationals, and I can certainly say that it is run in now! Heavy rain on Thursday and Friday had turned...

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