1 July 2016 / Featured Events

Good Vibes at Fieldays

Rather than writing a lecture about our stand at the Fieldays this year, lets just look at a few of the key questions you might like to know. Forgive us if the answers seem to be a little biased. At...

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3 September 2015 / Featured Events

School Visits for You?

Remember those times when a fire truck visited your school? Policeman perhaps? This month I was invited to visit two Preschools who gave me free reign to tear up their backyard as I saw fit and I thought I would...

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1 July 2015 / Featured Events

Fieldays Winners

Despite winning best site awards time after time, this Fieldays Blue Wing Honda outdid even themselves. Setting the Stage The four tents flowed with people all day. The first was filled with Honda Power Equipment, the second being quads and Pioneer machines....

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23 June 2014 / Featured Events

Fieldays Freebies

It was a full range of new R and X two wheelers that led to our corner of Honda’s tent this year, culminating in the CRF50 that proves irresistible to kids (and some adults), and the apparent pot of gold...

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29 December 2013 / Featured Events

PHEC Officer Broxy?

Happy Patient Our scenarios were like some low budget TV drama, fake blood and ninja stars included. Oddly enough it was in that situation that I felt most comfortable; not because there was carnage all around or a psycho ex-boyfriend...

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