17 October 2019 / Riding Tips

Riding Tip- Forward Thinking

There are times on a dirtbike when you can sit back and power hard- but they are very rare. Even then you are probably doing more damage than good- aside from the momentary fuzzy feeling it might give you. Our...

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29 July 2019 / Riding Tips

More Balance and Time in a Rut

There is a subject I rarely teach, purely because of how advanced- or retarded- it is. It has to do with a riders ability to get their whole body hanging off to the side of the bike, that they feel...

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1 April 2019 / Riding Tips

Taupo Tricks

There is a way of catching and passing other riders that will leave them frustrated and scratching their heads. The most mysterious thing about it is that you won’t be carrying any more cornerspeed than them and yet consistently making...

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